ENGINEERING SERVICES LP welcomes an opportunity to discuss inspection requirements with potential clients concerning all aspects of any

upcoming projects that require third party inspection services. Below is a brief list of inspection activities that we routinely participate in. Inpsection

services have been provided by ENGINEERING SERVICES LP throughout South America, Europe, Africa, China, and Japan.For more information

regarding our inspection services, refer to:

Engineering Services LP- Inspection Services in Houston, Texas


ENGINEERING SERVICES LP has the knowledge and experience to inspect all types of protective coatings & insulation systems, including:

    Flame spray applications
    Baked on coatings
    Marine coatings
    Fireproofing material

ENGINEERING SERVICES LP personnel have been trained under the guidelines of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and are certified by NACE as Level II or III internationally recognized coating inspectors. Some of the coating activities performed include :

    Verify environmental conditions and compare the results with the project specifications and the manufacturer's printed data/instructions
    Verify that the material to be utilized is the correct material and record batch number
    Inspect and confirm the equipment is suitable for its application, compressor size, moisture traps and separator,and spray equipment
    Perform visual and profile inspections of the prepared surface(s) and then record the findings on daily reports
    Witness the mixing of the coating material and confirm compliance to the manufacturer's printed data
    Monitor the application process
    Verify dry film thickness of each layer of the system and perform a visual inspection of each layer
    Monitor/perform holiday inspection of the completed system on the interior and/or exterior surfaces


ENGINEERING SERVICES LP provides AWS certified welding inspectors who are trained to perform welding inspection in accordance with AWS D.1, ASME Section VIII, ASME B31.3, ABS, API and other recognized codes and standards. Some of the activities performed during welding inspections may include:

    Witness the welding procedure specification and procedure qualification testing
    Witness the welder or welding operator qualifications
    Verify grade of materials. Verify that the correct joint preparation is being used
    Verify that the welding equipment is in correct working order
    Monitor the essential and non-essential variables of the WPS and supporting PQR
    Witness the required NDE and confirm the results
    Witness implementation of the WPS/PQR into the actual production processes
    Confirm tractability of the welder or welding operator


ENGINEERING SERVICES LP provides experienced NDE personnel for many inspection applications. We are experienced in a variety of NDT Inspection Standards, including AWS, ASME, ANSI, ASTM and a variety of international codes. Some of the activities performed during NDE inspections may include:

    NDE Personnel are certified to SNT TC 1A
    ASNT Level II or Level III in UT, MT, PT, & RT
    Development of NDE Procedures
    Implement Qualification programs in UT and AUT
    Experienced with advance NDE procedures and techniques, such as phase array
    NDE Code Compliance


ENGINEERING SERVICES LP also performs pipe mill inspection services ranging from supervisors, lead inspectors to experienced and certified inspection teams. We are experienced not only in domestic mills but mills in China, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico and Argentina. ENGINEERING SERVICES LP has a history of evaluting the suitablity of used casing, tubing and pipe.