About Us


Gordon Aaker, Jr., P.E., formed ENGINEERING SERVICES LP and has handled engineering challenges in a variety of industries, primarily in mechanical design, fabrication and implementation to accurately identify failures that are the result of: poor design, incorrect use of materials, manufacturing defects, and service conditions.

Over the past 38+ years, Gordon Aaker, Jr., has provided engineering services and support to many businesses who needed expertise, from assuming project success to analyzing failures. Many of Gordon's specialties include:

forensic / litigation engineering
root cause failure analysis
consulting engineering services
inspection services

Clients include many Fortune 100 companies in the chemical, refining, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, equipment manufacturer, pulp & paper, transportation, legal profession, and insurance industries, as well as the private sector.

Gordon has provided engineering support on major Oil and Gas projects throughout the world; primarily subsea oil and gas equipment including manifolds, pipeline sleds, jumpers, umbilical's, PLEMS and PLET. He is also an authority in construction codes and inspection standards including welding, coating, and NDE.

Over the years Gordon has become a significant provider of litigation support through his industrial experience and knowledge of codes, standards, and practices. He provides engineers as experts or consultants to insurance companies and law firms.

Gordon worked for the United States Department of Justice on pipeline failures and recently assisted the House of Representatives, Congress of the United States Committee of Energy and Commerce regarding the BP incident (2010) in the GOM.

Gordon was then contracted by the Chemical Safety and Hazard Board to participate in the root cause failure analysis of the BP Blow Out Preventor where he provided direction and support to the CSB investigation.