Welcome to Engineering Services, L. P.,
with locations in Barranquilla Colombia & Houston Texas, USA

Let ENGINEERING SERVICES LP be your Houston office for all of your procurement needs including engineering and inspection support.

Gordon Aaker, P.E., with ENGINEERING SERVICES LP in Houston is a registered professional engineer and has been providing engineering /inspection and procurement services globally to a variety of industries for almost 40 years including most of the major oil companies. Our services include: procurement, engineering and inspection. Our services have included a wide range of equipment and supplies to the oil industry, marine industry, petro chemical /refineries, and aviation industry.

William Mevis with ENGINEERING SERVICES LP in Houston as procurement manager is well versed in international business (trade) supported by 40 years experience in material sourcing, export packing, international documentation, contract and procurement management. His diverse career includes: electrical supply, petrochemical plant construction, MRO projects, manufacturing, aerospace exploration and development, EPIC subsea contracts such as: marine jacket,semisub, topside construction, and various pipeline projects.

Eduardo Lombana with ENGINEERING SERVICES LP in Barranquilla has over 30 years of experience with sales and service with importing into South America. Mr Lombana was born and resides in Barranquilla Colombia.

ENGINEERING SERVICES LP will negotiate on behalf of the client to meet all of his specifications including engineering, inspection and delivery.

ENGINEERING SERVICES LP recognizes that "on-time" deliveries are critical to the sucess of a project.

Additionally, our experience includes procuring parts (spare) that can be routinely supplied on a regular interval based on established systems and procedures.

Whether you are seeking equipment to support drilling activities ( onshore or offshore), marine or aviation operations, or engineering projects management support, we welcome your call to discuss your needs.

PLEASE NOTE - Regardless of the nature of the order, whether a small or large order, a CONFIRMED IRREVOCABLE LETTER OF CREDIT will be required at a bank that is mutually agreed to by all parties. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please see the accompanying link for details.

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